Lesson 12 Quiz

1.)  In studying the Bible, _____ answers the question: What does it mean to me personally?  What truths can I put into practice?

A.) Interpretation
B.) Duplication
C.) Application
D.) Observation

2.) A _____ _____ is one that is essential to the meaning of the text. If removed, it would change the meaning of the text.

A.) Key Word
B.) Figurative Phraise
C.) Poetic Verse
D.) Main Idea

3.) “All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because God _____ the proud but gives _____ to the humble.”

A.) Curses, Blessing
B.) Opposes, Grace
C.) Misleads, Guidance
D.) Rejects, Acceptance

4.) The process of _____ Bible study is like the process of building a strong building.

A.) Steadfast
B.) Inductive
C.) Devotional
D.) Continual

5.) The goal of personal Bible study is a _____ life, and a deep and abiding relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

A.) Better
B.) Stronger
C.) Transformed
D.) Enlightened