Lesson 12 Quiz

1.) The word pastor, from Poimen, actually translates into the word shepherd, referring to one who _____ a flock of sheep.

A.) Raises
B.) Shears
C.) Tends
D.) Drives

2.) In (John 10:11) Jesus Christ is called “The Good Shepherd” in  (1 Peter 2:25) describes Jesus as the “Shepherd and _____ of your souls.”

A.) Teacher
B.) Lover
C.) Feeder
D.) Overseer

3.) Jesus is the ideal Shepherd by which every “under-shepherd” will be _____. Every pastor should have the shepherd-heart of Jesus:

A.) Modeled
B.) Instructed
C.) Judged
D.) Inspired

4.) To be a pastor is a great _____, BUT there is no higher calling. He must always look to Jesus – as the good and great Shepherd – for the direction and approval of his ministry.

A.) Title
B.) Responsibility
C.) Undertaking
D.) Burden

5.) “Shepherd the flock of God which is among you, serving as overseers, not by compulsion but _____, not for dishonest gain but eagerly;”

A.) Willingly
B.) Correctly
C.) Legally
D.) Boldly