Lesson 12 Quiz

1.) The curse upon those who reject Jesus Christ is executed at the Great _____ _____ judgment when all those who have rejected covenant relationship with God will be banished to the lake of fire for eternity. (Rev 20:11-15); (Matthew 25:41)

A.) Last Days
B.) White Throne
C.) Armageddon War
D.) Tribulation Plague

2.) Though this covenant was unbreakable, it is not unconditional. Man must _____ _____ what has been freely given. (John 1:11-13)

A.) Willingly Receive
B.) Joyfully Acknowledge
C.) Truly Understand
D.) Seriously Consider

3.) Under the New Covenant man is called first to _____. (Matt 4:17; Acts 2:36-38; 17:30, 26:20-21)

A.) Listen
B.) Repent
C.) Receive
D.) Offer

4.) Jesus Himself said “If ye _____ Me, _____ My commandments,”

A.) Know, Know
B.) Trust, Hear
C.) Love, Keep
D.) Seek, Find

5.) Countless thousands of animal sacrifices were offered in Old Testament times under covenant, but Jesus offered one _____, _____ sacrifice, one time (Hebrews 10:11-14).

A.) Final, Supreme
B.) Acceptable, Human
C.) Atoning, Heavenly
D.) Perfect, Sinless