Lesson 11 Quiz

1.) Reading is thinking and thoughts should be put down. Writing helps you:

A.) Learn
B.) Remember
C.) Teach Others
D.) Organize

2.) What study guide gives other peoples thoughts, and observation about the books, chapters, and verses of the Bible?

A.) Concordance
B.) Commentary
C.) Bible Dictionary
D.) Reference

3.) We come to _____, not to challenge and change, but to be challenged and be changed.

A.) Advance
B.) Question
C.) Review
D.) Receive

4.) “But solid food is for the mature, who by _____ use have _____ themselves to distinguish good from evil.”

A.) Casual, Caused
B.) Occasional, Set
C.) Regular, Given
D.) Constant, Trained

5.) Most people find the _____ dull when they are dull and full of fire when they are full of fire.

A.) Bible
B.) Study
C.) Service
D.) Mission