Lesson 10 Quiz

1.) “In reading this, then, you will be able to _____ my insight into the mystery of Christ.”

A.) Understand
B.) Receive
C.) Discern
D.) Grasp

2.) Most treasure is not found in the first dig or glance. The greater the worth, the greater the search. In God’s Word we are searching for ‘_____ riches’ (Eph. 3:8)

A.) Priceless
B.) Unsearchable
C.) Concealed
D.) Precious

3.) Devotional reading focuses on reading as a _____ experience. Analytical reading is a _____ search for details.

A.) Joyous, Diligent
B.) Spiritual, Difficult
C.) Good, Rewarding
D.) Worship, Careful

4.) Read out loud. Faith comes by hearing. _____ will cut out the distractions in your head.

A.) This
B.) Actions
C.) Speaking
D.) Vocalizing

5.) Read with purpose; with purpose in what you are looking for, and with the purpose of the _____ in mind.

A.) Ministry
B.) Reward
C.) Author
D.) Theme