Lesson 10 Quiz

1.) The New Covenant, made by the Lord Jesus Christ just before His death at Jerusalem with the twelve apostles became the _____ for the New Covenant Church.

A.) Judgment
B.) Foundation
C.) Equipping
D.) Outline

2.) Paul illustrated how the words of the Old Covenant were written in two tables of stone. The words of the New Covenant are written on the two tables of the:

A.) Heart And Mind
B.) Chapter And Verse
C.) Scrolls And Temple
D.) Gospels And Epistles

3.) The New Covenant of Jesus Christ brought Pardon – the forgiveness and _____ of the penalty of sin. Jesus forgave sins and brought Salvation to sinners.

A.) Covering
B.) Probation
C.) Remission
D.) Mercy

4.)  Regeneration – when one is born again into the family of God and can call God, _____ This is Spiritual re-birth. (John 3:1-5); (I Peter 1:23).

A.) Lord
B.) Father
C.) Friend
D.) Comforter

5.) By the works of the Law, the Moses Covenant, _____ could be justified. The New Covenant makes possible justification by faith in Jesus’ accomplished work. (Romans 3:19-20; 5:1)

A.) Few
B.) Kings
C.) Priests
D.) None