Lesson 1 Quiz

1.) “But the Righteous will live by his _____.”

A.) Blessings
B.) Faith
C.) Love
D.) Provision

2.) “The Fear of The Lord is the beginning of _____.”

A.) Truth
B.) Faith
C.) Wisdom
D.) Righteousness

3.) The First Charge of Jesus to His hearers in Mark 1:15 is to _____ and _____ The Gospel.

A.) Trust and Accept
B.)  Honor and Fear
C.)  Repent and Believe
D.)  Come and Listen

4.) Faith is a Personal Relationship with God that determines the _____ of one’s life.

A.) Plans
B.) Priorities
C.) Issues
D.) Hopes

5.) In Ephesians, Paul demonstrates the importance of our Faith in God, comparing it to a:

A.) Helmet
B.) Shield
C.) Sword
D.) Breastplate