Lesson 1 Quiz

1.) “You do not have because you do not ask, and when you ask, you do not receive because you ask with the _____ _____ – you ask for yourself.”

A.) Sinful Intention
B.) Lying Tongue
C.) Wrong Motivation
D.) Doubtful Heart

2.) After creating man, God chose to purposely _____ His right to legally influence and interfere in the earth realm!

A.) Limit
B.) Cancel
C.) Disregard
D.) Increase

3.)  Prayer is man – giving God the legal right AND permission to interfere in the:

A.) Judging Of Sin
B.) Business Realm
C.) Affairs On Earth
D.) Life Of A Believer

4.) Man is a spirit with a physical body. The conclusion then is that only spirits with physical bodies can ‘legally’_____ with _____ in the earth realm.

A.) Live, Morality
B.) Speak, Humility
C.) Function, Authority
D.) Thrive, Abundance

5.) NOTHING will happen in the earth realm without the active or passive _____ of man, who is its legal authority. Mankind allows or disallows the works of God or Satan in the earth.

A.) Knowing
B.) Rebellion
C.) Permission
D.) Activity