Lesson 1 Quiz

1.) God’s Word is _____ – we can not live apart from it! We can never grow into the image of God without His Word. We will never mature apart from it.

A.) Good
B.) Vital
C.) Important
D.) Informative

2.) Is the Bible truly the “inspired” Word of God? Our answer to this is vitally important because it will affect our goals, relationships, peace of mind, and ultimately, our:

A.) Entire Life
B.) Mental Health
C.) Eternal Destiny
D.) Spiritual Welfare

3.) In short, the genuine Scriptures contained _____ _____ within its text that no one apart from Divine intelligence could create.

A.) Incredible Power
B.) Supernatural Evidence
C.) Precise Workmanship
D.) Amazing Facts

4.) God’s Holy Spirit supernaturally _____ the lives of millions who commit themselves to the Bible’s revelation.

A.) Improves
B.) Inspires
C.) Lengthens
D.) Transforms

5.)  God inspired Biblical writers to record His profound wisdom and truth that _____ all of man’s wisdom.

A.) Surpasses
B.) Enlightens
C.) Contradicts
D.) Equals