Lesson 1 Quiz

1.) The Blood Covenant is our _____ with God and is the _____ on which our prayers are answered.

A.) Treaty, Center
B.) Contract, Basis
C.) Life, Foundation
D.) Connection, Trust

2.) A covenant is a contract between God and man, drawn up by God and _____ to man. Man can either accept it or reject it, but he cannot change it.

A.) Presented
B.) Submitted
C.) Given
D.) Offered

3.) In order for man to be in a covenant relationship with God, God himself must reveal the covenant to man, openly declaring the:

A.) Details Of Contract
B.) Promises And Terms
C.) End From The Beginning
D.) Faithfulness Required

4.) The specific purpose of the Divine covenants is for them to be the means of the expression of God’s _____ and _____ for man.

A.) Love, Security
B.) Service, Plans
C.) Will, Purpose
D.) Desire, Goals

5.) The same God, who makes covenant, _____ and _____ His covenants to man and also enables man to fulfill his part of the covenant.

A.) Ordains, Teaches
B.) Holds, Commits
C.) Breaks, Dishonors
D.) Keeps, Reveals