Lessen 16 Quiz

1.) In The Parable Of The Sower, the 4 conditions on which the seed fell reflect the condition of our _____ before God.

A.) Choices
B.) Actions
C.) Hearts
D.) Words

2.) “holding on to Faith and a good _____. Some have rejected these and so have shipwrecked their Faith.”

A.) Mindset
B.) Conscience
C.) Testimony
D.) Standard

3.) Trials can make us BITTER or BETTER. We must keep our hearts soft and _____ and _____ in Him, even in our tests.

A.) Pliable And Trust
B.) Open And Continue
C.) Humble And Rejoice
D.) Fresh And Hope

4.) If we don’t allow God to _____ our _____, we’ll never become complete, mature or perfect (in Him).

A.) Test Our Faith
B.) Break Our Will
C.) Share Our Grief
D.) Try Our Heart

5.) Pride is dependence on self. Humility is Dependence on God. God _____ the proud but gives _____ to the humble!

A.) Denies, Hope
B.) Mocks, Faith
C.) Resists, Grace
D.) Judges, Life