Life in Prison Documentary

Our Native Director made this small documentary. A short time later we set this family FREE! The documentary is not an easy project, it’s amazing that we have it to share with you.

On the day of their deliverance, while we prayed for them, as I always do, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me and tears filled my eyes as I saw the children lifting their hands to the Lord in thanks. I was so moved by their look of joy, freedom, and devotion to Christ that we put the picture of two of the girls on the cover of our recent newsletter.

If you have a heart for these families you can do one of four things.

  • Email us at you have any questions and if you would like we can send a profile of families that need to be set FREE.
  • Also, you may call us at 800-309-0133.
  • Let us know you are praying for us as every deliverance is a miracle of God’s grace.
  • Or you can give online at the link below.

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