When we drive to town (Branson, MO) we pass at least 10-15 shoe stores. Our closets are filled with them. Since we have three flights of stairs at our facility, my shoes don’t last over a year. However, in brick maker prisons some are wearing the same patched up shoes for up to ten years.

Most of the children don’t even own one pair. In the hot summer months working in the hot brick-making fields, their feet are scorched. In the cold winter months shoes can make the difference between sickness and even death. When you visit the prisons it is not unusual to see most of the prisoners barefoot, with no protection at all on their feet.

This is one of our major distributions along with Beds and Blankets and Water Jugs for the hot summer months.

Because we are helping these prisons by providing a valuable service, we are always permitted to conduct special evangelistic meetings! This the way we can evangelize these prisons one by one. Most of the prisoners are Muslims.

Now through the use of a special MIRRORING technology, I can preach from my office zoom room named strategic air command.

Through this room, I not only contact our leaders but can preach real-time live interactive crusades. It is one of the most exciting breakthroughs we have ever witnessed. We keep upgrading our equipment and now sometimes I have to pinch myself that it is happening!  Most of the time 100% of the people raise their hands for salvation. After the session, I stay online and they talk with me through an interpreter or wave to us.

These are exciting days for GRM. We ask for your prayers as we move forward for the gospel into the prisons and visit Jesus!

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