In December nine families were released from brick maker prisons in Pakistan, a total of 66 people!

Three families set FREE on December 18th!


Multi-Family of 24

Three Brothers

In 1963, Nasir, an only son, borrowed money for his father’s heart treatments. He was very young at the time and has never been able to pay the debt. His parents died, but he has been in prison since that time. All of his children were born in slavery and now their children as well.

Nasir died about 9 years ago still in slavery. His children and grandchildren were still paying the debt.

As in every family something alerts us to the need to get them out of prison. It could be a special story about them, a sickness, or in this case, a daughter that is being abused by the brick-master. The later is the case here. She (name withheld) was being sexually abused repeatedly. When we heard about it we knew this multi-family was next. Please pray for her. When we interviewed the families she hung her head down with shame. She needs healing as she is only 15 years old.

Six families set FREE on December 29th!


Multi-Family of 22

Three families

Noor was the head of this family. He borrowed money from a Muslim man for his mother’s medical treatment. He could not pay the man back and ended up in prison.

Noor died after being beaten so brutally by the one of the workers at the brick prison, after few days he died. Two of his sons also died when bricks collapsed on them. So only one of Noor’s sons is still alive and he is now a a freed slave with wife, two sons and daughter-in-law and their children.


Multi-Family of 20

Three Families

This is probably the first family ever that has a history of over 95 years in slavery. They are third and fourth generation slaves.

The reason why they ended up in slavery is unknown but they have been in slavery for almost century now!  Ramdas Masih was the head of the family and his son, Pratab, is now 69 years old and still alive and was still in slavery!  Pratab, his one son and two daughter-in-laws and all their children were still serving out the sentence from over 95 years ago!