Mother’s Day Continues in Brickmaker Prison!

I pondered what Mother’s Day would be like in Brickmaker Prison. It’s not a topic I’d choose to write about, as a mother’s heart is perpetually shattered when her loved ones endure such cruel torture and pain. Yet, we can still offer them our love and encouragement!

On Mother’s Day, we brought special cakes to all the mothers in a torture prison. We also shared a meal, a gospel message, and had a celebration.

This prison is one of the most challenging ones we work with. Young girls there are subject to continual beatings and assaults. The owner of this prison and his sons forcibly take girls to their homes for days before releasing them. You will see the details if you get our hard copy GRM general newsletter. It should be in your mailbox.

We have planned TWO MOTHER’S DAY CELEBRATIONS for this prison:

  • One is done, and the next is forthcoming.
  • We aim to deliver the remaining 21 families from this prison this month. What a Mother’s Day gift!

We URGENTLY NEED your assistance to make this possible!

Please restart the prayer groups; the funds have safely arrived for the 21 families.

Pray daily for our native team and us, as the task is dangerous; according to leaders, such an endeavor has never been attempted across Pakistan.

Please inform us if you are praying. Please reach out to us for any updates.

Releasing God’s love to the oppressed and afflicted,

John & Teresa Musser

Isaiah 58:6-8

Let’s make this month the greatest Mother’s Day ever for these 21 families!

Field costs have already been sent, but our actual costs grow as we deliver this many families at once. Homes have already been secured, but when they are FREE, it takes one week to get these families all settled. There will be hundreds of miles of traveling and special needs.

Your gift of $100 or greater will make a difference right now! Thank you!

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