New Missions Base in India

As a missions strategist, there are things we can do that hit the ball out of the park. Things so important in building God’s kingdom that a few words do not paint the picture but I will try for this project.

First of all, some of our leaders remind us of the early disciples of Christ and Paul’s team, with Timothy and Titus. They are fully abandoned to the work of Christ. Working with them for a lifetime has kept me in the old fashioned gospel of Jesus. It has never changed. It is still, the power of God unto salvation!  I was well grounded in the Word when I was young. The first ten years after my salvation I read AND memorized the Bible constantly and lived in the biographies of great men like D.L. Moody, Charles Finney, and many others. I read and reread about great revivals and spiritual awakenings. I had books that were rare and full of fire. They shaped me into the person I am today. I constantly read books on prayer. But I want to tell you — these kinds of men are still alive today! You don’t see them in the news and they are not on TV.

I have been deeply involved with native leaders since I was 22 and I will be 65 in January.

I have met men that do impossible things for the kingdom.


Due to the history of this network and the Lord’s blessing already- our new mission base in India will touch tens of thousands of souls, train leaders, equip youth and become a humanitarian base in a very hard area, known as the city of idols.

This project has the Lord’s hand upon it.

I did not want to start until next year but it could not wait. Our old ministry building was condemned by the city. We stayed in it until we reached 1,111 villages. Yes, this is the building that helped accomplish one of GRM’s greatest outreaches. It also helped thousands with COVID relief and much more. Then flooding rains made it impossible for us to operate in it any longer. So we had to rent another building and immediate resistance came as we prayed in the night. Locals began complaining. Then we decided to tear the old building down since land costs were outrageous. They wanted to charge us three times more since we were Christians.  Extreme due diligence and searching went on for months. When God’s plan unfolded the grace of God came upon us.

We wanted more land but decided to go up instead! We removed the old ruins and dug the foundation stones so deep it will support at least five stories.

As I read our director’s reports daily, sometimes several times a day, I realized that we must move forward right away. We sent $1,000 and were shocked at how far it went. Our director told us one of his best friends in construction was visited by the Lord to help with this project charging a little over costs! In all our years we have never seen anything like it apart from My Father’s House. Our $1,000 turned into $7,000 just in digging the deep specially made foundation.

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