The BIG DAY we have all been waiting for has ARRIVED!

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You may be viewing this page because we sent you a link. We pray you will rejoice with us in this great victory. Take time to see the pictures below. We will continue to add to this page as children come in. Maybe you will see a child you want to help and make a great difference. Please remember we are training ALL these children to be missionaries.

Already our first boy said he wants to be like Saimon and work in ministry like him! This is so amazing as these children come from the worst trials you can imagine. 99% of them are victims of terrorism.

(He is the one with the big smile in the picture above).

Elizabeth’s father was killed along with two brothers, 5 and 7 years of age in Lahore, Pakistan on March 15, 2015. Two Taliban suicide bombers blew themselves up outside two churches in the impoverished Yohana Abad sector of eastern Lahore on a Sunday, killing at least 11 worshipers and wounding several others.

Little Elizabeth’s mother came to the opening night of My Father’s House and broke down and cried. She said, “This is like heaven.” Then she told Saimon the story how she was living in a little 10 x 12 room and was very sick with asthma and she could not make enough to buy proper food for her daughter.

Today, Elizabeth and 4 other girls just like her and one boy have found a haven of rest! We have given them new clothes, they are eating good meals, they have a place to live and learn about the Lord. They now have hope! SOON they will have many companions.

When My Father’s House opened last month, hundreds of requests came in for children to be admitted. Every day 30-40 people come in the door to ask about a child they would like us to keep. However, right now we are only taking in the children of martyrs or children that have stood for Christ in the face of gang rape or have been threatened and like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, they did not bow to Islam.

But today’s GOOD NEWS is that the children are here and many more are coming!

In less than a couple of weeks we will be up to 30 children. At this point the greatest need is to get them clothes, a uniform, shoes and books. This is about $50 per child.

Also we will be starting a sponsor a child program soon. At $36 a month or $50 a month which will also cover the cost of the teachers.

I know some our you have already mentioned you want to help sponsor a child. We rejoice as we urgently need your help. We will send you profiles of the child and every once in a while a note from the child you have helped.

Today, we rejoice that the children are very happy. They are already praying for the new arrivals, new friends who need God’s love in a very special way.

Love and prayers,

John Musser

P.S. Email me personally if you are interested at: We will get back with you.

You may also call us. Many calls are coming in so if we don’t answer, please leave a message and we will get back with you ASAP.

Photos below might take a few minutes to load.

I have talked so many times of hearing the laughter of the children. I heard it for the first time on a video just a day before Mother’s Day. Then I remembered what I said to you a few times. The children are so thankful! They were once forgotten, but now they are rejoicing at My Father’s House.