Over 2 tons of food to supply 100 Native Pastor’s families in Paksitan with enough food for the next 3-4 weeks.

Your gift of $10 for basic needs or a gift of $22 will be life chainging for these native workers. They tirelessly work in God’s kingdom. We want to keep them strong so they can help others.

A gift of $100 will help 10 families. This is a lot of milage out of the dollar bill. Only with native missions can we do this. Also due to our longstanding work in this region, we are actually getting good prices that are inflated in most locations.

A loving donor gave a gift of $1,000 providing all this food to get us started!

This just happened today! We will update this page in the future.

New pictures just came in today April 6, 2020! More families being blessed with food! The government has given us special permission to go to the prisons!