Here are what leaders are saying…

“In the process of my review and assessment of Gospel Revival Ministries and its marketing, fund development, ministry activities, and administration, I found that GRM’s Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws are in harmony and that the current and planned activities are synergistic and in accord with the Statements and Bylaws. It is commendable and a tribute to your leadership that Gospel Revival Ministries has consistently maintained this harmony, kept its focus, and selectively added new ministry activities that are in keeping with the purpose and goals of the organization.”

Dr. Gene Williams—President, Vanguard Marketing Group, Inc


“Many organizations provide relief, without evangelism. Others offer evangelism without providing necessary humanitarian relief or follow-up. I find GRM’s approach of providing evangelism, coupled with relief and the training and equipping of native Christian leaders to be the most effective and Biblical approach.”

David Bolthouse -Founder, Mission Network News and Current Founder and Director of the Presidential Prayer Team


“A remarkable and cost-effective ministry of equipping native pastors.  I have personally known this man for years and applaud and commend his ministry to you for reaching out to unreached people groups. If world evangelism is going to become a reality in our generation, we must be creative, innovative with a vision from God, and have a true revival spirit.  John Musser, Founder, and President of Gospel Revival Ministries has that vision and strategy for getting the message of the Gospel to the unreached peoples of the world. I commend his great work.”

LaRue Goetz— President, Revival Prayer Fellowship, Bismarck, ND


“Musser has always preferred to operate without show…without airs…without pretentiousness in an effort to keep costs down and funnel every penny right back into his ministry.”

Muskegon Today


“God is using John in an unbelievable way.”

Dr. Jack Van Impe – GRM is featured in Dr. Van Impe’s “50 Year Anniversary” magazine

“As Mayor of the City of DeSoto, I am honored to write a letter of support for the work that Gospel Revival Ministries is doing.  The theme of reaching the farthest outposts of Africa and Pakistan with the “Gospel Message” through Medical Camps and the drilling of water wells serves multiple purposes. Your Ministry understands the necessity of building sustainability and confidence through the benefits of medicine and water so the delivered word will be accepted builds a legacy for the villages you impact. May God continue to bless this Ministry. I support your work, and DeSoto is honored to have your Ministry as one of our assets.

Michael Hurtt – Former two-term Mayor of the City of DeSoto, Texas. Later Mayor Hurt became head of Economic Development for the city.

Gospel Revival Ministries resided in the City of DeSoto, Texas for over 12 years before our move to Blue Eye, Missouri. The city awarded GRM with 7 awards throughout the years.