It has been signed, sealed, and delivered!

We still have some small future costs over and above the land itself, but we are going one step at a time. This is how we complete most of our projects at GRM. So if gifts come in for this project, they all will be earmarked and used.

How we thank the Lord and His people! It’s so exciting to see a vision come to pass. People asked from time to time what vocational training are you going to have for the boys at My Father’s House? The girls have the Teresa Sewing Center, but the boys needed a trade. All the doors were open for farming. A farmer told us we can use all his equipment. Then we learned that Saimon’s father was a farmer for many years. We searched for some months and found just the right location.

The Second Vocational Trade for MFH is Farming!


As you can see in the video another adventure has started.

The children at My Father’s House have practical training along with spiritual training. We will share more as this all develops. Let us know if you enjoy these types of projects and we will keep you posted.


Another Sustainable Missions Project.

The beauty of this project is that it is like a diamond. Turn it one way and the boys have a place for learning to grow crops and farm the land. Then turn it another way and much of our food overhead is now taken care of for the year. Our director says that the farm land will help with over 50% of the food needed for the children. Turn the diamond once more and NOW we can add more children. We have withheld from adding more children because we did not want to bring financial pressures upon us. We have over 100 applicants. Should doors ever close for U.S. funding, My Father’s House is now becoming a sustainable missions work. We cut electrical costs by 80% by installing a solar system. Now we will have a sustainable food supply.

John & Teresa Musser

Amos 9:13