The miracle now is that after repeated interviews we are recognized by the government as the only work that has successfully made changes for good for the ancient upper Bondo people. They are pleased with our progress.

We don’t usually share this kind of information online, but the government actually treated us with kindness. This was NOT the story in the past! But God answers prayer! Our God changes times and seasons. The heart of the king in in the hand of the Lord.

We were instructed to fulfill several mandates over a two-year period. The last one is a sick room for any tribal found with COVID. Since we have our own doctor for many years, this is not a problem.

Our director asked for emergency help at 4:30 am just after an inspection telling me we had by the end of the month to build the new facility.

I prayed at about 7:30 am, “Lord you give seed to the sower.” At about 9:00 am an old friend texted me and said I was on his heart. I told him the urgent need and he made a promise to help. I texted India and sent funds the next day. We always build in phases. Then another old friend called who was also touched by the Lord to help with a project.

The 30-day inspection was met! It was amazing. We built a building in 30 days! The inspectors only needed to see that we were fulfilling their demands.

We had no disturbance at all with our Bondo school children.

All we now need to finish the inside!  We need $1,300 for tile, windows, doors, paint, and some supplies. This is field cost to the exact penny what our director sent to us days ago.

This is a rare opportunity to help a 3,000-year-old tribe, a once dying race of people, won by a vision, persistent love, and resistance against all odds. We are experiencing a wonderful harvest. We need to finish this project and unburden our director.

You may call me if you like. This is a 20-year miracle come true! After 20 years we are now accepted by the government as a legitimate training facility endorsed by the government of India. To God be the glory! Only He could have done this. Thank the Lord for God’s people helping us reach the last of the lost nations.