Isaac Leading in the Lord’s Prayer!


Once a slave with a foot bent backward, he strived with his mother and two young sisters to make enough bricks to keep the family alive in Brickmaker Prison. His father had died in a tragic accident in prison. This happens often and no one knows why.

Once forgotten, working in the brickfields, this family was found by our native leaders who travel to Brickmaker Prisons almost every day of the week. Our prison pastors told us of a family where the mother was forced to raise small children PLUS make bricks 12 hours a day. She was in great anguish and was failing in health. Day after day, working in the cold, the heat, and the rain, THEN GOD INTERVENES! We wish we could set all the families free, but our selection process is by the Holy Spirit and deep human pain that can no longer be borne. Sometimes it’s an affliction that must have medical attention or death may occur. Most times it’s young Christian girls coming of age who become the target of lustful men.

Isaac’s family was set free due to his struggling with his foot bent backward trying to help his mother and because of her weakened condition.


To those of you who have followed this story, know what happens next.

Some of our recent blogs share heart-moving stories about this family. But what blesses my heart is that today Isaac lives at My Father’s House. He is accepted, loved, and now becoming a leader. He picks up on things very quickly and we know God has His hand on this young boy. When this small video clip came in of Isaac leading the orphans at My Father’s House in the Lord’s Prayer, we had to share it with you.

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