Reaching 950 villages in India – starting this month! – with Dr. John H. Musser

Every year, without exception, we have a SPRING evangelistic outreach for children in India through Vacation Bible School (VBS).


Our largest outreach will start April 29th and we earnestly need your prayers. Last year, we witnessed 29,000 children coming to Christ, 8,000 adults, and 3 tribal leaders resulting in a spiritual awakening and church planting movement for GRM that continues to this very hour.


In 40 years, we have never witnessed such a skillful organization with native teams.

We started training 2,200 volunteers in February under the skillful leadership of a long time GRM director.

After years of faithfulness, a mighty program continues into its 19th year among the Hill Tribes people, a tribe we reached for the first time in 1997. Some of the pictures in the collage below show our first visits there.

What we love about this program is its target towards the children.

This is the time to reach them! Moms and dads also come to Christ, as they are curious to see what the children are learning. Our target this year is 37,000 children for Christ! These regions have some of the most hideous customs and beliefs. We need prayer!


We’re making extra kits, just in case we go to more than 950 villages. The kits consist of enough materials for 2 people to teach one entire village. Over and above this we provide snacks, games, and some candy; but the kits are our greatest need right now.

We have figured the cost to be about $22 a kit. These kits are about half finished.

This is a great way to reach a village. MAYBE SOMEONE READING TODAY WOULD LIKE TO SPONSOR A VILLAGE, or two, or five. Please let us know.



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