To God be the glory we have now conducted VBS in 1,450 villages with a reported 64,000 children calling on the name of Christ.

I have often said through the years, “missions, never takes a vacation!”

Our successful READER program has exceeded expectations! Currently, our team is asking for more Bibles to supply the urgent need of the 400 new villages we reached this summer through VBS.

We urgently need more Illustrated Bibles in the native Hindi language to satisfy the spiritual hunger of new babes in Christ!

Around the first of August, we decided NOT to shut down our VBS India outreach as it once again has evolved into a spiritual awakening for the second year in a row.

It’s a miracle of God’s grace that in the midst of intense persecution our native teams have been able to reach so many villages. To me, it’s a sign of the times. The great end-time harvest is here!

Never in our 44 years have we seen such grace, such powerful and sacrificial native teams who have given all to follow Christ. Not to mention powerful youth movements in over 15 locations helping with the spiritual awakening. (we will share later)

Some of our team members have been living on the field for months, reporting from afar and communicating to us from remote villages traveling to internet cafes to do so. I thought we were close to meeting our Bible goal of 400 villages for the Reader Program, but I was mistaken. 200 more villages need Bibles from last night’s report.

Our goal is to supply FIVE BIBLES PER VILLAGE with a trained READER for each village.
The vivid, colorful, and fully illustrated Bibles (in the Hindi language) are only $4 a copy.
We must buy them in lots of 1,000.
4,000 copies are needed to finish the READER PROGRAM for this year.

A few of you, our dear co-laborers, have asked us about this need and we just received this updated information. Bless you, for caring.

These Bibles have the power to transform entire villages that have never had one copy of the Word of God. Children and adults are fascinated by the pictures PLUS a READER!

Four thousand Bibles have the potential of impacting over 300,000 – 500,000 village people through our Reader Program.

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