It’s always exciting to see the Lord provide in supernatural ways when we obey His will!

God LOVES our TRUST in Him!

It’s always His will to reach the lost, to give Bibles, to build great commission churches, to feed the poor and help the sick– to help the persecuted within His body!

We have a church in an all Hindu community in India. The Lord provided the property for us in an unusual way. We bought land near a graveyard in U.S. terms. The people of the community thought we were crazy for doing it. But the church was built and hundreds have come to Christ. As a result, there have been great breakthroughs, even people involved in witchcraft coming to Christ and burning their tools of darkness.

The enemy does not like spiritual awakenings so the entire city was told by Hindu priests not to rent to our missionary pastor. He was forced to leave his home.

Well, we were told this at the lowest giving month of the year and yet the Lord said, “I will help you!” I stayed home to pray for the start-up funds. Teresa went to the post office, but only came back with $70 and we needed $1,000. As she went to her computer, she saw someone had given $1,000 online. She told me the story and I greatly rejoiced. I notified our native leaders right away and sent the funds.

The need was so urgent, they started before funds arrived.

Do you remember the old faith promise days, when we would make promises to missionaries only if God provided?

Well this all happened in 24 hours.  In the many years we have served the Lord, I have come to know He loves it when we trust him for mission monies!

This project is just starting and we need more miracles soon. If you would like to help, this is good soil. Not only will this be a home for a missionary pastor in an all Hindu community, it will house volunteers and co-workers.

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