I prayed that someone would call me that day but … With Dr. John Musser


We all need people to encourage us from time to time.  Some of us don’t need much and a little bit can take us a long way. Like when God sent an angel to make a cake for Elijah, it kept him for 40 days.


I had been experiencing some disappointments in getting a project supported (two churches in Haiti). I had a great prayer time and claimed the victory. I prayed, “Lord, bring in a very special call today.” The call did not come until later that night, but it was not what I was hoping for.


The urgent call came from a long time GRM director from India. It was a desperate plea for help! 

A work we had been with for nearly 20 years was in great jeopardy. Our primary school, reaching a once unreached tribe was under inspection and failed. I got to work right away with a letter to our GRM minutemen and women. Then, urgent e-mail news followed.

The complete need was met in 72 hours. It was a miracle of God’s grace. I was so thankful! God’s people came to the rescue once again. Plus, our friends wrote me all kinds of notes. Some came from the internet, some came in the mail, some calls came in and the tears fell. I did, after all, get my call from YOU… afterward!


We still need continued prayer for India.

You can read our recent urgent email news by clicking here. As you can see, the toilets were up in less than 2 weeks. We are still awaiting news back. Please make this a matter of DAILY PRAYER.



Gal. 2:20

P.S.  How can I pray for you today?








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