Praise God, The Hope Center building is making good progress!

Thank you to all who helped! This act of love is far reaching helping

Afghan Refugees who have fled to Pakistan!


Our first choice (building already built) that we shared with everyone did NOT happen. Without giving details on this page, the bottom line is, we had to take another route. We purchased land and are now building and making excellent progress. After a time of testing, the favor we are now enjoying is amazing! The magnitude of this project is VAST, ministering to thousands of people displaced from their homelands. Hundreds of the families have Audio Bibles that GRM co-laborers provided for. As of today over 1,500 units have been given to families one by one with care and instructions. They love them and play them all the time coming back with many questions.

The families were at the mercy of those who would help them in their hour of anguish. We were there from day one! We have to practice great wisdom in all we do, so please pray for us.


During the Christmas holidays, hundreds of food packets along with special gifts for the children were given out until our leaders showed signs of being battle-worn, working constantly day and night, helping any way possible, saving lives, and administering medicine to the sick! They steadfastly provided necessary clothing and blankets as the refugees had nothing. They fled for their very lives not taking anything with them! At Christmas, we were able to have a dinner for all the new followers in Christ. Along with these precious people we had 200 house native church planters (GRM network) attend to get acquainted. At GRM we follow up so the harvest is not lost. (Only portion of event shown for privacy).

We have been working with these refugees since August 24th of last year and we have not stopped!

Many of you have received our newsletters and special letters.

This communication is for rejoicing and prayer. 

God’s amazing grace has been given to us building THE HOPE CENTER in troublesome times. Please pray for our native team. They have NOT stopped ministering to Afghan Refugees since they arrived in Karachi at Camp Jamali.

Teresa and I want to take another opportunity to thank you dear co-laborers for your gifts and patience during this time as we have been thinking on our heels! God is doing something so amazing, so far-reaching, beyond what we can imagine and we will share with you later the goodness of our God toward these peoples.


You can google the crisis with all the facts and figures. Our focus is one camp of over 10,000 refugees. Over 200 families are now following the Lord through the tireless love and toil of our group of native leaders. Our new building will service them. We have many exciting things to share. We will keep you posted.

One urgent need over and above grace for the building is the need for blankets.

We have several testimonies from Afghan families thanking us as they were so cold and many were sick. Some have infants or elderly and the blankets are large enough for several family members. As we minister to these people with God’s love – they never forget us. They talk among themselves and look forward to our every visit. One by one, families continue to come to Christ.

Right now our oversized blankets are costing us $20 apiece. So many people have asked what they can do that is really important. Right now we are giving an Audio Bible with every blanket. An Audio Bible and blanket together are only $25.

With the help of God’s people, we have come this far by faith and God’s steadfast love working through us! So far 1,500 families have received an Audio Bible from our team provided by our dear co-laborers in Christ. We urgently need help today with a blanket and the Word of God. Then the Holy Spirit can work His Word into their hearts at all times.

The last words our native director (of 20 years) wrote to us were, “I’m thankful to you for loving the Afghan people and building the mission for them. They are in great need and are waiting for mercy.” 


Much Love and prayers,

John & Teresa Musser


Romans 10:13 – “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”