John and Teresa Musser,
Serving Together in Ministry for 45 years

John and Teresa are co-founders of Gospel Revival Ministries and are celebrating 45 years of serving the Lord together since Bible School.

John and Teresa Musser founded Gospel Revival Ministries in 1980 as an itinerant evangelism ministry. It has now grown into a global ministry specifically geared towards reaching the last of the lost (unreached people groups) in highly restricted areas where there is little or no missionary activity. Their passion is not only to raise up leaders in other countries but to raise up leaders in the US who have a call to fulfill the Great Commission.

Current Initiatives

From rescuing families from slavery to sustainable farms in the poorest areas of the world,
join us in Reaching the Last of the Lost!

Teresa Sewing Centers of Pakistan

These centers help provide sustainable skills and get young girls off the streets. Also, since the girls have never gone to school and can neither read nor write, we are teaching them some elementary math and reading. — Our first center has expanded, adding a Bible training center and prayer room.

Isaiah 58 Set the Captives FREE Program!

It’s estimated that TWO MILLION CHILDREN make bricks in the brick maker prisons of Pakistan, working from 84 – 100 hours a week.  An entire civilization of families live in the brickyards and never see the real world unless we help them. They grow up, marry, give birth, grow old and die all within the confines of brick makers prison.