Rejoice with us! 18 Families were set free – 97 people on February 9, 2024.

This emptied the entire prison!

It’s always God’s will to hear and rejoice in GOOD NEWS!

I will keep this post short as I can hardly write for the tears!

Teresa and I just witnessed one of the great miracles of our entire ministry! These are NOT mere words. We are standing in awe at God’s grace and power!

In one day, 18 families and 97 people all set FREE!

The answers to prayers that surround this great delivery could fill a small book. Thanks to all of you who helped, and thanks to all who prayed. We know of several prayer groups. The Lord heard your prayers. We are rejoicing but also profoundly humbled at the site we witnessed just hours ago.

This was the worst prison we have seen in our nine years of setting captives free. When our native director came to the prison yard and said, “We are setting you all free today….” all the children jumped, danced, and thanked the Lord loudly, shouting and praising God! What happened in the prison could make a horror movie.


One moving story is of a family in this prison who lost their young daughter to the brick master. They were not allowed to see her for months and weren’t even sure if she was alive. She had become a servant and sex slave. THIS FAMILY WAS REUNITED TODAY! What joy at the end! The entire group sang a song of praise to the Lord, thanking Him for deliverance! SINGING FROM PSALM 136.

We will follow up on this story, but we wanted all the prayer groups to know that your prayers were answered. I was VERY concerned about our team’s safety. God stepped in, and the brick master agreed to let all the people – GO! Then, he asked our team for prayer! This is a day we will never forget! This has never happened before. The brick master, around 60, had disgraced EVERY WOMAN in the entire prison whenever he desired.

“O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good; for his mercy endureth forever…To him who alone doeth great wonders: for his mercy endureth forever!” Pslam 136:1-4


We are researching the worst prisons and have found 15 out of the 120 we work with!

Our next model may be that instead of setting a family FREE, let’s shut a prison down. The Lord is building our faith!

These kinds of things are not by accident. It’s a season of grace God has granted us.

We will keep moving forward for our next big prison break!

We have no grants for this – it is God’s people coming together as one, all pitching in. You send it, and we put it aside to determine how many we can set FREE next month! This is a good time for anyone with something put aside for God’s kingdom to help us while the door remains open!

It cost us (call us) to set 18 families free, get 18 homes and 18 jobs, and for them to be placed under pastors on the day of delivery!  So, little for a brand-new life!

Please join us for our next deliverance!

John & Teresa

P.S. As the Nigerians sing, “Our God is a miracle-working God!”

 “Whom the Son sets free shall be free indeed.” These women are thanking God for no more disgrace!

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