GRM Delivers the 174th Family From Brick Makers Prison!

As of today, 1,054 BELIEVERS IN JESUS once held in cruel bondage have been redeemed BY the power of our Loving Lord and THROUGH THE LOVE of God’s people.

Teresa and I just had the privilege of setting 21 more captives FREE…we thought. But one of the mothers is with child and will deliver her baby next month bringing the total to 22 captives set FREE! She was smiling so much during our interview and we found out why at the end. Her child will not be born in prison!

Four families in all! This was a brand new prison full of second, third, and fourth-generation prison families. Like in the times of the pharaohs, these people have made bricks for the building of the entire country!

What a journey this has been. We have kept focused on freeing families as we know for certain that the Lord is very pleased as His favor and grace are great. The joy of witnessing the people online in real-time, face to face, is one of the most rewarding gifts the Lord has ever put in our hands.

The John & Teresa Health Clinic in Pakistan has reached 5,170 people since opening last year.

This is a backward area and the monthly wages of the common people are less than $50 a month and many receive much, much less.

This past week we held a dental clinic hosted by our native team.  The event was so successful they are making it an annual event. This is all out of My Father’s House! Those of you who helped with the building of My Father’s House, I want you to know that I have rarely seen any building bear so much fruit in my life.


These children were out evangelizing on the streets and telling the Muslim world that they love Jesus. We thank the Lord and the col-laborers that provided new clothes for all the children and blessed them with a special meal and some fun! It’s a miracle of God’s grace that they have such a place!

The dentist also held a class for the children on how to brush their teeth properly and they were all given new tooth brushes!

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