Setting Families Free During COVID-19


When many aggressive mission works are currently shut down, GRM marches forward in cutting edge missions because of a network of incredible native leaders who follow the Lord. We shared in a recent post that April was a record month of salvations and feeding the poor and afflicted. May is amazing!

Christians are a minority in Pakistan and because they are opposed to the state religion, they are the most persecuted and abused peoples in the country only second to Hindus.

But a great day of REJOICING came when Teresa and I saw the faces of the last Christian family in a rural brickmaker prison.

At first, we had a bad storm and our internet connection was not good, but we could hear the audio. After about 30 minutes our director said, “They really want to see you because they remember your faces.” I asked him how? He said,  “When we gave out blankets this winter we had your faces on the banner.” They have been praying to meet us someday. How amazing! Then the storm stopped abruptly, the rain stopped and they appeared before us on our screen.

In this interview, Saimon shared the intense persecution these people have endured for Christ. He also shared how they needed food and Muslim groups offered them food if they would convert to Islam. This family reminds me of Moses. He chose to suffer persecution with the people of God and refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter – Hebrews 11:24.  I sensed the special presence of the Lord with this family. They have made their stand for Christ. He will bless them.

This makes our 131st Christian family set FREE from cruel brick maker prison. Rejoice with us!

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