“GRM reminds me that I am connected to a purpose far greater than myself in helping people of every tribe and nation live forever through Jesus.” AB

“We received your letter today and we are deeply touched by your prayers. We hope what we can do will bring a blessing to those in need. Your work in furthering the Gospel is unmatched in any other mission work we know. Thank you for all you do. You are in our daily prayers.” MS


“It was such a blessing to know that my donation was so instrumental and to see the result of giving to this work manifested in such a real and personal way.” MD


“I have never been as sure that I have been sowing into the right ground as I am now. Thank you for using our gift to help the little ones.” HJ


“What a privilege to be used in this way, working hand in hand with the Lord! It is so exciting! Thank you for all you do and for allowing me to minister with you.” SN

“Thank you so much for all you are doing to bring freedom to the slave families. It is an honor for us to be co-laborers with you. You are in our fervent prayers.” CC


“I normally don’t take on new ministries because I am already inundated by solicitations from all kinds of philanthropic organizations…However, your innovative program to help free the brickyard slaves caught my eye because I have been aware of their awful situation…Thank you for the opportunity to be able to be a part of one of our God’s mighty miracles. You have been used greatly by the Lord in many ways. May He continue to bless you and your ministries until He comes again.” MD


“Thank you so much for sending me the photos and information about the family that my donation was instrumental in freeing from the brick making prison. It was such a blessing to see the results of giving to the Lord’s work play out in such a real and personal way.” M


“Thank you for your work. If you can take a little of this money I am sending and get the little girl on the front of your last letter a dress. I am an old man, but I cried when I saw she didn’t have any clothes. We are so blessed in America. Thank you for being a blessing to so many.” CB


“This donation is given in memory of my mom to buy a sewing machine. Mom loved sewing and made most of our dresses when we were young. Many blessings on the young women who will be able to use the machine to help them improve their lives.” JM


“Thank you for the booklet you sent about the sewing centers. I am a sew-er so this is near and dear to my heart! I am enclosing a check to sponsor 4 ladies for the fabric because “I AM A FABRIHOLIC!” Thanks for sharing the need!” DB


“I could not imagine not having the freedom to provide for my family.  That is exactly what the Teresa Sewing Center does for the women, daughters, granddaughters of the Freed slave families. Teresa Sewing Center gives these women the freedom to learn, work and provide for their families, for the first time EVER!” SO


“There are thousands of charities in the world offering temporary solutions for horrible human situations. Most of these have amazing intentions but unfortunately can only be a band-aide on an almost mortal wound.  The Teresa Sewing Centers offer sustainable dignity to women who have been treated only as property, beaten, raped and torn down. These beautiful women love their families and want, as we all do, to have the ability and chance to take care of them.  Few of us could possibly understand the pain and sorrow of feeling such helplessness.  But, through The Teresa Sewing Centers, the light and hope of Christ comes from giving these women, treated as nothing their whole life, a chance to see themselves as Christ sees them and not only understand their value but shine that light to others.  I have seen nothing else like this incredible ministry and will support it with my whole heart!  God Bless them!!!” KK


We have deleted full names and addresses for the safety of our donors.