My Father’s House Crusade and Teresa Sewing Center Graduation!




OCTOBER 13, 2019

The children from My Father’s House did the opening song for the crusade.

I could not have preached right after that. It so touched my heart, I was in tears. I still can’t watch this without tears filling my eyes.

Teresa and I know every one of these children. Most of them are orphans of suicide bombings or mysterious deaths of Christian parents. Some are children from brick maker prisons who have gone through a lifetime of pain being born in prison. The stories of what these children have endured and witnessed with their own eyes would make even calloused hearts weep.

I preached a simple message from Romans 10:13 to a crusade of 500.

Most of the people were friends or relatives of the 30 women who graduated from the various surrounding 20 villages.

Three kinds of technology were used and it was truly a miracle of God. I was projected on a large screen and could see everything live.

Pastors in attendance reported back saying the message came forth with great power and that I preached so simple that even the children could understand. Almost everyone in attendance prayed the sinners prayer at the end.

The next steps will be to build a larger platform so we can speak to more people and obtaining chairs to accommodate up to 1500 people – all out on the playground of My Fahter’s House!

This is the first graduating class from My Father’s House.

These 30 ladies are some of the poorest of the poor in Pakistan.  Receiving a sewing machine as a graduation gift is like receiving a car in the United States! This was a night to remember! Since this first graduation, 211 more women have sent in applications, but there is only room for 30.

Since June, we have had 71 women graduate from the three Teresa Sewing Centers.

We need the continued help of God’s people. This only costs us $100 per person. This must be the most inexpensive way to multiply your gift that we know of. Every women who is trained gives a tithe to the Lord’s work, makes garments for prisoners, and goes home to train their own family members how to sew, sometimes up to three or more! So for every $100, at least one to four women with learn how to sew.

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Gerard M Troisereply
October 18, 2019 at 2:49 pm

God has seen your Faithfulness and has given you The Increase, and what others dream of doing, you actually do! I’m glad that Marilyn is helping you and Teresa with some things now, she has a true servants heart and takes Great Joy in being able to help. The Good Thing that God has began will be INCREASED more and more, as will your Joy in the work of this Glorious Harvest. Blessings!

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