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 What we have in front of us is our Bible.  It’s made up of The Old & New Testaments.  Testament can also be translated as Covenant or Agreement.  The Old Agreement under The Law given to Moses, and The New Agreement governed by Grace through Christ Jesus.  This is different than a contract. Contracts can be broken or changed, a Covenant cannot be changed or broken.

 What we want to point out at the beginning of this class is that Biblical Principles work on a LEGAL basis.  Promises are legally given by God, legally laid claim to by authorized representatives of God, with attempts being made to usurp those claims by Satan.

 We really don’t present this course from a legal perspective, but we want to present that as a foundation to help you in your thinking as we study.

 God is often referred to as JUDGE or we read about His judgments, etc.

 Jesus is the Defense or Advocate – 1 John 2:1 “we have an advocate with The Father, Jesus Christ the righteous:” This could also be called The Intercessor.  Jesus stands in God’s Presence on our behalf declaring what is or is not legally ours.

 The Holy Spirit is The Counselor, Advisor – helping us to know what is ours in Truth, and how to apply what we receive. John 16:15

 And Satan is the Accuser – the Prosecutor – trying to steal from us or keep us from what is rightfully, legally ours. Rev 12:10

 The point is this – NOTHING, at least VERY LITTLE is AUTOMATIC concerning The WILL or WORK of GOD.  Truth must be known, taken as faith, and acted upon.  Lies must be exposed, schemes uncovered, and theft resisted in every area in order for the believer to have access to the full benefits of The Covenant we have with God through The New Birth In Christ Jesus.

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