One of the 10 Christmas Families Set FREE!

This little boy, Issac, has been on my prayer list for some time. Our Native Team members were so burdened for this small family. A precious sister in the Lord left alone in prison with her three children. Issac has a twisted foot.

One day as I was praying for the family I saw the pain and anguish on her face, tending to her children in the brick field making her daily quota of bricks. The oppression upon her face was transformed by the Lord and she looked ten years younger.

Now they are FREE! We have already taken little Isaac to the doctor and awaiting direction. We ask for your prayers. This first clip is from my phone in real-time. The others are a little better. Please take the time to see them all they will bless your heart.

FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS AROUND CHRISTMAS TIME Gods’ people are setting  Captives Free as a family gift to Jesus. You can join us, we need your help. We have families waiting right now just like the one above. Call or email us anytime. We have a goal of ten more families before the end of 2022.  Merry Christmas!

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