November 2020

My Father’s House is a miracle house. Since planning and building it, the Lord has placed His hand upon it. The children of Christian martyrs against all odds prosper and are taken care of by God’s people.

In spite of all the heartache these children have endured, they remain joyful. They are growing in grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. The last time we met with them they prayed for Teresa and me in English. This month they have memorized the ten commandments and the names of the apostles of Jesus.

My Father’s House is where we currently have all the Teresa Sewing Center graduations, plus the meeting of native leaders. The newest addition, a medical clinic, continues to serve the entire region. The children serve and help in all these areas.

Also, out of MFH, we have a sustainable farm. That has been blessed this year with cotton, garlic, and other vegetables. The children are learning so many things.

Thank you for helping the children at My Father’ House!

We trust you enjoy some of the recent photos.

One of the boys, Shumail, just celebrated his birthday.

There are 23 children as of November and more are coming as the Lord provides. Your help is urgently needed!