Celebrating Seven Years Setting Captives FREE!

JESUS WENT ABOUT DOING GOOD…. So should His people!

With a vast network of native workers it’s not always easy to share highlights because all of them are powerful, sacrificial workers in the vineyard of Christ. We have the privilege of working alongside some of the finest which is often a humbling experience they bring a continual reminder of the Book of Acts.

 On Mother’s Day, Teresa shared with the children at My Father’s House and the ladies at the Teresa Sewing Center.

Then a few days later I had a wonderful crusade via zoom in a brick makers prison. I preached on Heaven and the entire prison stood to accept Christ. The Lord knows how many were saved!

Plus we have doubled our online meetings (via Zoom) with our various works and are pretty much on call 24/7 with our native directors. Pray for us as sometimes is not easy adjusting to the time differences.
June 10th was our 44th wedding anniversary and they celebrated at the brick prison after I shared a salvation message and then two hours later they celebrated at My Father’s House with the orphans and the sewing center students. We got up real early took a nap and then continued to My Father’s House.

We had two major goals for June, to mobilize our army of native workers for VBS India PLUS continue celebrating 7 years of setting captives free by reaching the total goal of 300 families by June 30th.

It will take a midnight miracle to finish in June. Please pray!
We have our next 6 Christian families this week. Praise the Lord that will bring us to 294 families. Sometimes we have two major projects in one month, but the families in prison have especially suffered this year with unusual heat indexes.

At our most recent deliverance temperatures were at 107 in the morning and reached 120 in the afternoon at the brick maker prison. As the last families looked into our eyes, it was like we started the program all over again. I can’t explain it, but I picked out and sensed the Lord was calling some of them into full-time ministry. I told our director at least three times what I sensed the Lord was speaking to my heart about, he wrote it down. We will soon see if the Lord is raising up another brother Palus. In our last deliverance, we had a lot of emotions. Brother Palus left his son’s birthday party to get them, and we found out later that he had a bad fever (not covid). We prayed over him and encouraged him in the Lord for being such a great blessing.

This month also is the beginning of another milestone as we attempt to make our work in Pakistan Zone 2 self-sustaining. Some of you have already helped and now we are ready to start with ten cows. Once they are purchased, we will continue with the rest of the farm animals. The animal shelters are almost done. They will also teach our boys at My Father’s House a vocational trade. We plan to continue this for many years to come.

This week we began by celebrating Father’s Day with the children at My Father’s House Sunday morning. The children are growing so fast we want to spend more time with them.
Then we are getting ready to set the next 6 families FREE this week. Your prayers are greatly needed. We have so much going on with VBS and Setting families free.

You can contact me anytime @president@gogoodnews.com.

Love and prayers,
John & Teresa Musser
Isaiah 58:6-8

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