Videos of Bondo Children’s Home Kitchen!

As of 8/20/2018

Our primary school has grown over the years. It is truly a miracle story of God’s grace. These pictures are a week old.

After several expansions, we are still cooking with wood until THIS month.  GRM donors provided the first ever gas stoves. As you can see from the pictures the cooks are doing their best to prepare meals for the students. However, in the hot season and rainy season, it is very labor intensive. Also, winter has become a burden because the wood is so damp.

The roof was damaged by storms. Many children have become sick when they eat outside because their food gets infected with mud, dust, insects, and germs. Due to the this, the government has insisted on immediate change.

We want to build before school opens this fall, which is next month.


Note these are 100% field cost. Nothing has been added.

The total cost is $9200.

  • Foundation – $2,000
  • Walls – $1,500
  • Roof – $3,000
  • Plastering and flooring – $1,000
  • Windows and doors – $500
  • Electrical and plumbing – $800
  • Gas cylinder and stove charges – $800