You not only set them FREE, but put them on a new course of life of blessing. All families now have new homes. They lived in a 12 x 12 room or smaller in prison. All heads of families have been given a vocational trade for life. All the children have been put in school for the very first time and food has been provided for 3 months.

Next, the mothers of each family or the eldest daughters will attend a Teresa Sewing Center and learn to become a seamstress. When they graduate we buy them a sewing machine and kit that will last a lifetime. They all tithe to get the centers going. The Teresa Sewing Centers provide thousands of garments for the prisoners.

So your gift will keep on giving!

From time to time come back to this page for updates on all the vocations trades and graduates from the Teresa Sewing Centers. We will try to let you know.

Barkat Masih is now 72 years old and is head of this family. He and his family had been in prison BEFORE India and Pakistan separated back in 1947, over 70 years ago. His daughter and grandson live with him and his wife. One of Barkat’s sons died in prison from liver disease because they could not afford treatment. They are second and third generation slaves. His prayer was that one day he would be free, but more so his children and grandchildren. With so many daughters growing of age, it is of great concern to fathers, due to the depravity of brick masters.

Please pray for these families. They were so happy!