The amazing real life stories we hear and witness redeeming Christian slaves from brick maker prison is amazing.

April was a month to remember with eight families (41 people) in honor of the resurrection of our Lord. The children were so precious! However, two stories stick in my mind. One we just shared on a blog page about the old man who went from prison to a business owner in less than once week. How incredible!

The second great story of our April deliverances was from the four families we set free on Good Friday. We were all together for our interviews and we noticed that someone was missing.

Then we found out that one of the mothers was gone. She had just had a new baby! She had the baby one day before the families were set FREE and her husband stepped up to tell us the exciting story. Our director showed us the picture of the mother and baby he took on his iPhone.

To me it’s like the Lord choose them and wanted the child to be born free! So they took her and the new baby to their new home first, straight from prison before we met the rest of the family.

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