Today we want to thank God’s people for helping us with a motorcycle for Brother Palus.

The need for a motorcycle has been met and he is back on the road ministering in prisons, 7 days a week.

This was just in time for preparations for Tribal Christmas!


I hear the voice of Jesus through His Word saying, “You visited me in prison.” This happens to me in seasons, but once again or later it is continuously on my heart. This outreach has taken years to develop, years of testing, and blessing. We are still learning new things with every deliverance. But now we are able to do so much in a quick amount of time at extremely low costs.

When we buy Christmas boxes for the children in bulk we can save a lot of money.

This year we want to start with a goal of 500 boxes to start with. In bulk, we can get them down to $14 a box.

The box consists of shoes and socks, a toy, and some candy…


We seek the redemption and deliverance of slaves who live in anguish and pain for a lifetime.

My heart goes out to them, they have suffered so much this year with record heat and now they are coming into the harsh winter months. Can you imagine receiving the Christmas gift of freedom from life in Brickmaker Prison?

Would you pray about setting a prison family FREE this Christmas season as a birthday present to Jesus?

Redemption costs are still around $500. This pays their prison debt which is big but we have developed a BLESSING package for every family. We also supply a temporary home, put the children in school, food, clothing, and a business for the father which adds up to $1,000 for a family of 6-8 members. The family is self-sufficient in 3 months’ time! Also, the family is immediately put under a pastor for training and discipleship as most of the families we set free were born in prison and know nothing of the outside world.

When you send help for any of the above, your gift will be tagged as you designate and we will send it once the fund grows. Then we will send you a profile of the family YOU SET FREE for everyone to enjoy. We are hearing so many testimonies of families doing this together and seeing the family they set free around the Christmas tree or at New Year’s gatherings.

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