8 Families Set FREE in One Day!


I’m writing this post just two hours after the greatest deliverance in our history in FREEING Christian slave families from the grief and anguish of brick maker prison. What a joy! Just two years ago it was not possible!  We stand amazed at God’s wonderful grace. For this to happen, there were months of work behind the scenes by Brother Palus, who pastors these prison families. After interviewing them on-site making bricks, they waited for months trusting in us and above all the Lord to be set free.

This month (December) many are giving to Free Christmas families. One family sent a large gift and we sent the funds and in less than 4 days they were all FREE!

The Father has given us much favor in Pakistan with this program and we will continue as long as we are able. Today we focus in on these precious ones. There are so many stories about their lives. One family we attempted to FREE 3 other times and today it happened!


These wonderful people will celebrate their first Christmas ever, FREE from slavery! Whom the Son sets FREE shall be Free indeed.

To God be the glory for empowering us – and YOU to witness this miracle today.

Rafaqat family of 17 had been in prison for over 61 years. Rafaqat and his wife both died in prison, leaving three sons and their families to continue paying the debt. Just one month ago, his oldest son, Arif also died in prison. One of the Muslim workers at the brick prison wanted to marry Arif’s teenage daughter by converting her to Islam but she and her family refused and she managed to escape!

The Harbans Family of 16 was also set FREE. They were in prison for over 68 years. Harbans and his wife both died in prison leaving three sons and their families still in prison. The oldest son, Azam was sold to another prison. However, because we already had records and documents of this family, we were able to track him down and he was able to be released with his two brothers. When he was sold, he said that he would rather have died. Now he is not only reunited with his family but is set FREE from prison!

The Sardar family had 21 members, but the youngest son was sold before we were able to release them. So there were two brothers left with a total of 13 members. This family had been in slavery for over 93 years! The oldest son, Sadhu, is physically unable to perform all his duties, but has to or the consequences would be more dangerous. His leg was fractured in three different places when a brick fell on his leg. He has to use crutches to get around.

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