2024 June Motorcycles for Pastors in Pakistan!

Over a lifetime of ministry, we’ve attempted to provide opportunities for strategic Great Commission projects!

Good stewardship brings eternal rewards. Jesus talked about the good soil bringing a hundredfold blessing!

Today, we stand at a milestone of nine years of steadfast love and effort to redeem precious souls from the cruelty of brickmaker prisons!

You have enabled us to deliver entire families from what some consider the worst places on earth—brickmaker prisons!

To us here in the United States, we wonder how these families can remain alive under such conditions: freezing cold in the winter, extreme heat in the summer, one meal a day… on top of this, dealing with their tormentors — the brick masters!

·     As most of you know, this year has been a year of miraculous deliverances.

·     Praise the Lord, NOT ONE family has ever gone back to prison!

·     Some of you call us and ask, “How can you do this? What’s your secret?”

It’s God’s work; no man can claim the glory. He loves these families and sends His angels to help us in every deliverance.

We all have a part to play, thank the Lord!

But one of the secrets is a vast network of native pastors who welcome our imprisoned brothers and sisters — the day they are released!

These unsung heroes ensure that no family ever returns to prison.


  • Before a family is set free, a pastor commits to adopting them. Those born in prison often lack basic skills, like getting locked in a room because they don’t know how to unlock the door. They are unaware of many dangers. It’s hard for most of us to comprehend that these individuals were born in captivity.
  • One month ago, I asked our GRM Headquarters director what we could do to help these pastors who work so hard receiving and training families from prison. He instantly replied, “They need motorcycles.”

These pastors earn about $70 a month!

Homes churches have about 55 members. SADLY, much of their income goes to public TRANSPORTATION, traveling to their people in need and ministry outreaches. This brings their income down to about $40 a month. Imagine if they could keep their $70 for their families. We can make it happen, one pastor at a time!

Two GRM co-laborers got us started on the first five motorcycles. “WHEELS FOR PRISON PASTORS!”


A few weeks ago, we discussed the cycles in an email and in our general GRM newsletter. Upon seeing the picture, two families promptly responded. 

We quickly relayed the information to our offices in Pakistan to identify pastors who urgently needed transportation. This week, our team is embarking on a journey of hundreds of miles to deliver motorcycles.

Every family we set free is adopted by one of our native pastors

before deliverance. They train them in everything, beginning

with the basic things of life!

All these pictures shown at My Father’s House are a celebration meeting for one pastor we provided a motorcycle for last month.

They are life and ministry changers

This is a CONTINUATION of God’s movement in Pakistan, born out of necessity! 

Not only will this aid our ‘Set the Captives Free’ program, but it will also support these pastors in feeding their families and tripling their ministry outreach instantly!

These pastors have a direct impact on over 50,000 people daily!

We have stepped out in faith to provide these motorcycles for pastors who dedicate themselves to preaching the gospel under intense persecution, the unsung heroes of our Slave Redemption & Restoration Program.

One motorcycle cost $700. This is the lowest price available; they are our field costs with nothing added.

·     We would appreciate your help.

·     We deliver our first units tomorrow.

·     Others will learn of this and gain hope that they might receive one too. This is a gift that keeps on giving day after day and year after year.


Every donation to this emergency need will be earmarked and as funds accumulate, we will purchase additional motorcycles. You can always call us, email us, or send a letter or note.

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