2023 Women’s Conference in Pakistan!


Just the thought invokes deep love and emotion in my heart!

I have pleasant memories of my mother’s long-suffering love. She has been supporting GRM since we started. Due to a life-threatening fall a few years ago, we placed her in an assisted living facility. We found all our newsletters for GRM from the beginning in a large box. She had kept them all in her closet! We want to show our mothers we care. One thing Teresa and I always practice is getting a special gift for our mothers ahead of time!

We want to wish all our readers who are mothers a most wonderful day with family.

Some may live far away from family, but the Lord can and will comfort you. Jesus displayed a most moving demonstration toward His mother as He hung in pain upon a cruel cross. Even as He was dying, bearing the sins of the world on the cross, He asked one of His disciples to take care of His mother, Mary. You can read this story in Luke 2:51–52. Jesus had a GREAT WORK to fulfill but He still REMEMBERED HIS MOTHER WITH TENDER LOVE!


Our larger goal is to hold another woman’s conference conducted by Teresa and give every woman present an audio Bible. We have a goal of reaching all 30 villages surrounding My Father’s House with the Word of God.

The idea came to bless these mothers on the heels of a special women’s meeting in Pakistan conducted by Teresa and our daughter Rebecca. This was our very first women’s conference with 152 ladies attending. Great testimonies came back to us of how the women were blessed.

One of the ladies said she was so depressed she decided to commit suicide and instead listened and the Lord touched her with faith in Jesus.

“Most of the families are very poor and most of them are suffering financially, socially, and emotionally so I believe this was needed to encourage them to have a walk of faith and trust Him fully. Many ladies said they felt encouraged!

Report from our director.

In this special letter, we are honoring some of the poor Christian women who attend the Teresa Sewing Center located at My Father’s House with a very special gift – an Audio Bible with five hundred gospel songs.

They will be passed out on Mother’s Day to all our students with a special celebration.

For two weeks now we have been researching Audio Bibles since the majority of these women can’t read or write and are among the poorest of the poor. The audio Bibles will be a GREAT BLESSING as the average annual income is approximately $420. That amounts to $35 a month!

Due to the fact, that we are giving them away and are purchasing them in volume, we can receive a very special discount of only $10. I have seen these for $35- $40 in many places, so we are greatly blessed!

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