September 22 Family of 18 Set FREE!

Sometimes, our ministry friends ask me, “With so many slave families that need Freedom, how do you choose which ones to set free next?”

Generally, it’s one of these reasons.

1. A severe beating that requires immediate medical attention.

Enslaved people are often beaten for not making their daily quota of bricks. Also, abuse occurs whenever religious persecution arises or on Muslim holy days. They know a family is Christian or has just come to Christ, and some brick masters attempt to reconvert the family to Islam through threats of death or rape of family members. GRM has redeemed and set free many families just after such a beating; in most cases, we rush them on the day of deliverance to a very special person we call our slave doctor. This man helps our cause and will treat or route them to a specialist. We have seen some on the verge of death treated, broken bones, or even smashed in faces fully restored.

2. Targeting a family for sex slaves.

This practice is more common than we want to say, but when we find out, we get them out! Much of our attention has focused on redeeming families with the largest number of young girls. The trauma of one or more family members taken occasionally for sexual satisfaction affects the entire family. Especially the parents; the father struggles the most. But if he shows aggression, he could jeopardize his whole family. The siblings are afraid it will happen to them; they are in daily fear of what could happen next. Now, more than half the families we free are due to this. The Teresa Sewing Centers provide hundreds of garments to help cover the girls. We recently set a family free that was too ashamed to tell our prison pastor. We learned through other prison families that the wife was a sex slave to a brick master. Today, they are FREE, in business and recovery.

3. Families with the loss of a father.

When this happens, we help immediately for several reasons. The wife and daughters have no covering, and if the brick master is a bad person (some are corrupt, most are just hard taskmasters), he will take over, and no one is safe. The loss of a father occurs most times when he does not make his quota of daily bricks, and is beaten severely for it. This happened recently after severe torture and beating; the father died four days later. We were able to the immediate family out and the entire family clan (brothers and their families) as they were all in danger. All are in danger because the brick master does not want to get in trouble. There have been times when entire families have disappeared. Dead men tell no tales.

4. Breaking up the family tree.

Some families have been in prison together for up to five generations. For instance, the original great-grandparents had children in debtors’ prison, then they were married and had children, and so on. We have set family trees free up to five brothers. We have even found a family that was broken up and went to two or more prisons to free and reunite them.

This was the reason for the last deliverance. This family of 18 members, three brothers including six females, was getting threats and excessive abuse due to the recent rise in persecution. One threat was they were telling them they were breaking up the family to sell to another prison.

Praise the Lord, this did not happen, and because of God’s people helping us, they were all set free on September 22nd. Three days later, all the family heads received a sustainable business.

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