2023 May 30th was FREEDOM Day for three more families!

We were honored to set three families FREE, just one day after Memorial Day.

It was very touching as it was an entire family tree. 71 years ago the father borrowed money for a medical emergency and never left debtor’s prison. The father and mother perished in the cruel brickmaker prison and were buried in the prison graveyard. As the years passed three sons married and had children and they all remained in prison continuing to pay the debt!

We visit 80 prisons monthly!

Since we are not able to set all the Christian families FREE, we seek to deliver those who are abused first, especially young girls and mothers. In this case, at least two of the women were being used as sex slaves. We found out through other families we minister to who knew them. They were too ashamed to tell our native pastors. The husbands could do nothing for fear of death. I could see the darkness and shame over the abused women but before we were finished with our online session everyone shouted Hallelujah! God has done great things among us.

But now, all 18 are FREE! PLUS the head of every family has a business, Praise the Lord!

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