I fell in love with little Isaac the first time I saw him. We were setting three families free and he was the last family to come up to see Teresa and me in our zoom interview.

Many times to get prisoners over the shock of seeing us and everything else for the first time I attempt to get them to laugh. This time I taught all the families to blow kisses. It was such a blessing. As little Isaac was being carried up to the camera he was already blowing kisses. He wanted to blow kisses just like everyone else. This image is still in my mind and heart. Before we closed off the session we talked about getting him to a specialist, the same doctor who helps with all our slave families.

Today 4-17 -23 he walked for the first time with his new shoes. He has a great ways to go but as I watched him, the tears came. I have been believing the Lord that he will one day walk as any normal child would.

Please pray for little Isaac. He has now come to live at My Father’s House. Without a father, his mother could not keep him at this time. The children began to pray for him right away and they all love him.