2023 Documentary of Two Sisters

Sisters that graduated from My Father’s House are now in Nursing School. In this documentary they share their story.

Having been in full-time mission work since 1979…

We have many stories of God’s abundant grace…. BUT the SLAVE PROGRAM and the ministry to THE CHILDREN OF THE MARTYRS both have a mighty love, favor, and touch of God upon them.

Teresa and I in heartfelt love, give thanks to those of you reading this news for your steadfast love. The Lord our God sees this. May He reward you greatly!

Recently we promised you a small documentary.  It’s about two precious girls taken into My Father’s House, grounded in the faith, now training as Christian nurses in Islamic culture. They deserve our love and prayers.

We had a dear missionary from Zambia help edit this moving story. I know you will be blessed as you view it.

As you intercede for these precious girls also please remember our SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT in Pakistan for My Father’s House.

We are celebrating our 4th year in operation. It has been four years of witnessing the favor of the Lord in the most unusual ways!

Everything we have put our hand to in this work (MFH) prospers.

The blessing of the Lord and the kindness of our co-laborers in Christ is a living testimony before many people.

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