2022 February – Brick Maker Prison Beds and Blankets

The short video below (about 5 min.) is rare footage of life in brick maker prison! The film was made entirely from our offices in Pakistan as a thank you to our U.S. GRM co-laborers. 

Notice the size of their home, no larger than 12’x12′ and most are smaller, and notice where they sleep at night. The footage shows it all in the words of a slave father with his family!

Our major focus is to redeem these families and through Christ set them on a path of freedom, learning, and a sustainable lifestyle. In the meantime, we help them with beds and blankets demonstrating Christ’s love by giving them some comfort. The prisoners never forget we are helping them in Jesus’ Name.

Our native leaders tell us that a bed and blanket is equivalent to giving someone a car in the U.S.

Their rest is short, working 14 plus hours a day, six days a week. Their entire existence centers on making the quota of bricks for the day. They rise at 4 am or when the rooster crows. Imagine no bed and sleeping on cement at frigid cold temperatures. Or in the summer sleeping on a hot floor. The flies and heat are unbearable. Once during an interview after the release of a prison family, they showed us burns from sleeping on the floor in the hot summer. I could hardly believe what I was seeing.

We run these campaigns in the cold winter months and during the hot summer.

You can help us anytime as we never stop helping these people. With our bed and blanket campaigns, we are permitted to have a small crusade at the prison. Most of them come to Christ. Some prisons have as few as 25 families others are much larger with up to 300 families. We pick a prison that has the sickest, weak elderly, or infants. Depending on the funds we have, we will go to the different sized prisons, just as you see in this video. We wanted you to see the entire process. The only thing missing here is the crusade we have with every distribution.


GRM does not inflate the cost one penny, these are field costs!  When funds come in we get them to the field as quickly as we can. Larger gifts that can reach an entire prison are usually sent the same day and preparations are made for another distribution. The joy and thanks these people express is so beautiful. Every distribution will save lives and souls. Hard work and planning is put into every distribution.


For only $32 you can provide an entire set consisting of both a bed and blanket for one family. Three beds and three large blankets for only $96.


A gift of $800 will cover an entire small prison of 25 families. This would include a bed, one life-saving extra-large blanket, and a gospel crusade.  Hundreds will come to Christ. Most families are 6-7 members. All will be followed up. The video clip is with a smaller prison where  32 families (plus) were blessed with a bed and blanket. The cost was just over $1,000 for this entire event. This included picking up the beds, travel, distribution, and a gospel crusade. This adds up to about $5 per person. Let us know if you want to sponsor an entire prison!

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Gerard M Troisereply
March 15, 2022 at 4:00 pm

Thanks for sharing John, I LOVED this video!

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