Reaching the villages:

As of July 23rd, 50,820 children have accepted Christ through India VBS in 1,180 villages!

Jesus taught – “I am in the Father and the Father is in me…In solemn truth I tell you, anyone believing in me shall do the same miracles I have done, and even greater ones because I am going to be with the Father. You can ask for anything, in my name, and I will do it, for this will bring praise to the Father because of what I, the Son, will do for you.” John 14:11-14 (TLB)

Yes, we have just witnessed the above promise in real-time, real-life in this day and age. We have worked since February on this great project. We have shared in several of our newsletters the miracles that have occurred. If you don’t receive our newsletters and want to, please let us know. We have both hard copy and email versions. Both are important.

But the miracle continues to the next step. We are setting up READERS in every village. Since our Illustrated Children’s Bibles are costly, we can purchase them for $4 a copy in bulk. We have over 50,000 children that have received Christ so we are setting up a reading program directed by young evangelists who volunteered for all these months. A reader will be chosen from children who received Christ. They will be responsible to read when asked by villagers. It is not unusual for many children and adults to gather around as someone who can read. The Bible says “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”

Currently, we are saving to order our first 1,000 copies. It will cost $4,000 and we have $1,000 already.

A Bible purchased for one of these villages could result in the entire village coming to Christ. A gift of any amount will go into our account until the need is met then we will do it again. We need 1,180 Bibles. One for each village to put into the hands of a reader.

We have attached some of the testimonies that are coming in!

We trust you enjoy seeing what God is doing!

Madhan’s Prayer for His Uncle

Mahalakshmi’s Story

Janani’s Story

Sivaperumandi’s Story

Beulah’s Story

Karuppusamy’s Story